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download 1 or 2 files at a time


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I like to download a couple of files at a time for large torrents. For instance, if there are 24 files, I'll download a couple and when they are finished, go to the next two and so on. I've done this in the past but am fairly new to uTorrent and seem to be missing something.

I can select the files I want to download but can't figure out how to reopen the torrent to select the next ones. I've actually removed the torrent from uTorrent and restarted it to get the option back but hope there is a way to do that in the program.

I've searched the forums and FAQs and haven't seen this addressed.


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It has been addressed, debated, and seriously rejected as an automatic feature.

4th link in my signature sums up why.

To manually do that, click on the FILES tab of the active torrent and change the files to DON'T DOWNLOAD that you want to skip for now or Low/Normal/High for files you want to download.

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