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Low download speed


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Good morning,

After downloading the new version for utorrent, 1.8.3, I've been having difficulty with download speed most of the time. I tried following some of the guides specified, but I'm not entirely sure where I've gone wrong. (I'm not very tech savvy.)

I'm currently using Verizon Fios with it's firewall. I applied the port forwarding requirements, but even though I have a green icon, as I test it to see if its open, I receive the error that the port isn't open. Using Actiontec MI-424-WRv2 router.

My speed test is: 523533661.png

My average download speed on the torrent is 2.0-4.6 kb/s and with connection to 2-6 peers out of 706 on one torrent. However the upload rate is 276.1 kb/s~ (could this be the problem?)

If it helps, I'm using Avast antivirus, Windows Vista, Windows Firewall is disabled. This is what I ended up with after some trial and error. (I know one or more of these numbers are way off. :| )



Thank you for any help.

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