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percentage Priority in UT


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hi all

i Don't know if there is this feature in UT or No ? But i can't found it

and i mean by this is if i have 100KB download speed and i have 4 torrent files to download i w'll set a percentage Priority to this torrent files for example : i put 60% of my down speed to the first one and this means 60KB downSpeed and i will devide the Rest of my donwSpeed to the others like 25% ,10%, 5% and this Mean 25KB , 10KB , 5KB to the left torrents

i tried this by limitations (Maxdownspeed) in each torrent file but this not work when the seeders left you on a some torrents ,because when they do i will have a rest of downSpeed of that torrents and the other torrent files can't take advantage of that Left speed because i've Done limitations to them

So i think (the percentage Priority feature) is very usefull and good Solution because with this Feature you can use the whole of your download speed that you have ,simply by taking whats your (downSpeed) and Distribute it to the torrents by whatever the percentage you gave to them

i hope this Explained what i mean

and please give a comment about this ...

thank you in advance

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