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Red Arrow Icons on Most of My Downloads/Uploads


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Ok-first of all I have reserached this but can not find the answer. My problem is that most of my downloads have the red indicator arrow on most of the downloads/uploads (approximately 10/12). I can't seem to find a common reason as to why most are having problems and others aren't. An example would be:

DHT not allowed

Local Peer Discovery not allowed

Peer Exchange not allowed

Tracker location offline

Tracker location invlaid URL

Now the strange thing is that all of these continue to upload at specified rates and download at very slow rates. I have followed the guidelines and have been a user for awhile now, but this just started happening today. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Private torrents disable (not allowed) DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange.

The invalid URL Tracker location is probably an unsupported UDP-type tracker. (uTorrent currently only works with HTTP and HTTPS type trackers because the rules for UDP trackers wasn't fully documented or reliable.)

Which leaves the last, the normal tracker...as offline! This can happen if the tracker is overloaded, a lot. :(

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