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Please I Need help on configuring my zte modem


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First of all just for your information, English is my second languange, so I'm sorry if it isn't gramatically wrote right, hope u guys could understand what i'm tring to say,

My problem is I just recently used a new USB Modem type (plug n play) the modem is manufactured by ZTE, it's ZTE AC2726. It works fine for browsing the internet, but my uTorrent can't have any incoming connections to the peers (as a yellow triangle with an exclamtion mark showed up on the bar).

My question is :

1. What could probably go wrong?

2. Is it possible for me to do port forwarding with my ZTE USB Modem? if it is possible, how can i do the port forwarding?

That's all I need to ask right now, hope somebody could give me the explanation


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