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Help with Hotel internet...


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Ive read all the stickys and FAQ's and Im starting to think Im pretty much screwed, but let me tell you everything I know anyway:

Ill be staying in a hotel connected to Ethostream Wireless.

For the first two weeks or so I had no problems D/L from TPB and other sites. Now TPB and others WILL NOT D/L. I get the "connection closed by peer" message, and also a "Not Connectable" error on the bottom. However, I can still D/L torrents just fine from a certain adult site.

Is there ANY way around this?

Thanks for any help. Ill be here for another 4 months!

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Put STRICT limits on your bandwidth down and up, limit max connections pretty low.

Disable DHT, Resolve IPs, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and maybe uTP and Teredo/IPv6 as well.

Lastly, try to proxy the tracker updates.

You're probably firewalled anyway in uTorrent due to the hotel's LAN and router/s.

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