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uTorrent is splitting files while downloading


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Hi - I am downloading a torrent that has several files. Each of these has several smaller subfiles. While downloading, all the data is collecting in the proper uTorrent download folder, but some of the files also start to appear on my desktop under a slightly different same. This causes uTorrent to stop, saying that it is missing files. When I open the desktop files, I find subfiles, and when I move the subfiles back to the right location in the uTorrent files and do a recheck and restart, everything works OK for a time. I can make progress like this until the download is complete, but after I completed a download recently like this, and even after a complete download and after moving the downloaded files out of the uTorrent folder these files want to spread themselves out like this again. I've never seen anything like it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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