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I'm using the newest version of uTorrent and downloaded several torrents which were saved to my downloads folder. I would like to move them to another folder on my computer and continue seeding them. Can anyone help me with this? I did a search of the forums, and the suggestions were to stop the torrent, move the files, then in uTorrent, right click the torrent, select advanced, and set download location. Unfortunately, when I right click on any torrent, stopped or not, the only options I have are show in finder, start, force start, stop, remove from list, remove data files, remove torrent files, remove all files, move up, move down, and force re-check. There is no way for me to set the download location. I could potentially provide a screenshot if needed, but I would like some help. I have the mac version, if it makes a difference.

Thanks so much

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