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zero seeds- downloading off of peers


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Utorrent has been slow since I followed a youtubed video.

I followed numerous forum posts/ FAQs and I got utorrent back to downloading, but it is still slower than before.

There are zero seeds, only a couple peers that I am downloading off of. I am not sure if this is the cause for my slow downloads. And I do not know why this is?

Even small sized files are not getting any seeds, although Limewire is working much better when I choose to download with that. I know it is not the firewall b/c those were turned off and I gave exceptions.

The only thing I could not do that the other posts told me to do was the forward port thing with the static IP address. I went to portforward.com and followed the directions for the T-home,

W speedport 303V (which is what I have) and it did not work.

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