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Problems with 1.8.3


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Has anyone else noticed any problems with 1.8.3?? 1.8.1 was running just fine for me, but the nag screen got the best of me so I installed 1.8.3. From then on things just didn't seem to work "quite right"... Almost always - I would lose my peers before the file had finished downloading - I looked and there was none... exit the program - restart and the same peers magically appeared again... time goes by - peers are gone... repeat until file downloaded... after I noticed this, I also noticed that files that used to be really popular and were always uploading were now sitting there dormant... as for files to download, it was very spotty at best. I kept restarting the program and maybe one or two files would "catch" ie. connect with some peers - even though most of them had several hundred seeds!! I found this all very odd... tried changing all kinds of settings in my preferences - DHT on and off - etc etc - yet I never had to do that before... finally frustrated to no end - I went back 1.8.1 and PRESTO - WHAM!! everything is working BEAUTIFULLY again!! I've got 8 torrents downloading at full speed and another 10 uploading just fine... I've got tons of peer connections and I'm not losing them... no idea what the problem is here other than the fact that 1.8.1 seems to work just great :D

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