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Speed is an issue.....


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I am having some problems with the download speeds. I've tried, to the best of my ability, all the items that could assist me. My info: ISP:att uverse Modem: 2wire Opened a port specifically for uTorrent, with no change in DL speeds. what I see at on my end in the actual client: seeds: 6(10) Peers 2(12) down speed avg 25 kB/s. up speed avg 2 kB/s. ratio /595 avail. 6.542. Being new to uTorrent, I'm not sure if this is a regular speed for the peers or seeds, etc., but i tested my speed from speedtest.net, and saw that I was getting 3.88 Mbps download, and 1.55 Mbps upload speeds. The site further estimates that an 800MB file should download in aproximately 37 minutes. Is there anything that I can do that could assist in stepping up my download? any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


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