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Not sure where to post this...


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First and foremost this is involving uTorrent.

So last night my computer had been on a few days with downloads running. So after playing a couple games I decide to give it a rest and shut it down.

When I come in this morning to check my email something very weird had happened.

All my icons (about 5 or 6 games and then some custom folders where my downloads go and some other stuff) were completely gone off my desktop. The only icons left were from Steam, WoW, and the new Batman demo.

My desktop reverted to how it looks when you do a clean install, even said "take the tour of XP."

Now the part about uTorrent. It was the only program missing itself. Everywhere else I can eventually find the stuff that was in those folders but uTorrent is no where to be found. And when I go to my "torrents folder" (that was on the desktop) they aren't the green U icon they are the little white icon that windows uses when it doesn't recognize what type of program should be associated with it.

And lastly it said Microsoft has encountered an error click here for details. And I have those error messages if someone thinks they could help.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

p.s. if this isn't in the right place please move it...thanks.

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