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new to the forums, need help no ports work


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i am new to these fourms and the reason i joined was to ask this question, when i use the speed test guide and try to test if the port is forward properly no matter what port i use it says there blocked, is my isp blocking these ports or what could causethis to happen, i am connected to utorrnt as i am getting 40kb/s but i cant sucessfully connect to a port i click on preferences and randomize ports and all of them dont work for me any sugg? my router is fully open and has no security on it because its wireless and i live in the middle of nowhere.......i tested the problem at work today at at my house i cant connect on ither i am using a almost brand new laptop and recently installed kaspersky antivirus 2010 if this helps, i read somewhere on these forums it could be kaspersky...when i get to my other comp i will test ports on that one and get back

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