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Not finding any Seeds or Peers


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I have recently got a new Netgear router and I am now using this router to access the internet wirelessly from my laptop. utorrent was working completely fine on other networks and wireless networks I have been using but now all of a sudden I am having problems.

The port is apparently forwarding correctly but no matter what torrent I try to start using, it finds no seeds or peers, the little green tick is not showing up on the bottom toolbar and (I'm not sure if this means anything) but the only two things that show anything on the bottom toolbar is: DHT 1 Nodes, and the total downloaded and uploaded is increasing.

There is obviously a connection as otherwise the totals would not change but no matter what I try to do I cannot seem to get any torrents to work. I'm not used to messing around with utorrents settings at all so if you suggest a solution please make it as easy to follow as possible.

Please help?!

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