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Torrents Won't Start Downloading


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Hello. I've never really had a problem with BitTorrent until recently, when most files I have been attempting to download will not start. Out of about 15 different files, maybe two have downloaded at different times (and didn't start right away, either), while the others stay at 0%. I have read the FAQ and browsed through many other forum threads and troubleshooting links provided, but I can't seem to figure out my problem.

I recently installed the latest version of BitTorrent (6.2, I believe), and it was right after in which my files didn't download anymore, when I used to be able to have many download instantly at a time. I'm not sure if this is related or coincidence, but I checked through my settings but didn't notice anything that could be a problem.

Maybe there is something I am totally overlooking? Thanks in advance for any help provided!

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