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really odd connection problem


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Hello all, I've just recently started having a very strange problem.

When I try to make a download, I get extremely slow speeds (10 kbps or less). MY port IS forwarded correctly.

In the client window, it says I am connected to all seeds, and 3/7 peers. However, when I drop the window down to the tray, the tray icon says that i am the only one downloading and that there are no seeds. The torrent is error-free, and I have the green circle the whole time. What could be going wrong?

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I can't tell from just that...

What's your uTorrent settings (as shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G window AND advanced settings you've changed)?

What's the measured down and up speeds for your line?

Any hostile software (commercial especially -- such as bad software firewalls and AV) on your computer?

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