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am i supposed to see my computer name under peers tab amongst other ip


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hi all - pretty new here - please be gentel......

when i click on the peers tab in utorrent i can see a list of IPs and then amongst them i see my computer name-pc.

so its like - example:

1233..5..23..5. 6523475??

23.4..35..35534.5.2.44. ???


234.4.243..234.4.2 ???

234234. ????

all those crazy numbers here are just for an example - they would be IPs of peers...

*so is this normal ? am i at risk of exposure?

thanks all for any and all feedback.

*also - it says that the my client is ver. 1.8.2 - but its actually 1.8.3 ??? i dont get it.

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@ Switeck, thanks for chiming in ! .....

will do - "Right-click in PEERS window, disable Resolve IPs." im doing it right now....

about the version of utorrent - it says it right at the left hand corner of the window when utorrents open "µTorrent 1.8.3" and when i click on check for updates it says there is no new version available at this time.

- just checked the home page - i can see version 1.8.4 is available .....

will download and install now.

still dont understand why it said i was running 1.8.2 when it was actually 1.8.3 - seriously.

will post an update this afternoon - thanks for chiming in Switeck ....

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