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Port forward is ok but download speed is slow


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Hi guys,

Just last few weeks my router gave me the problem of slow downloading speeds. I have set up the port 5442 correctly on my router and Port 5442 is open and accepting connections.

Port 5442 is the port which i used to download from torrents. Last time i can get speed up to 350kb/s but now i'm getting only an average of 2.0kb/s which is the speed of port not open.

I have also set up my IP to static using, and i am using a dlink DSL-G604T router.

Today i test my port again and i get the same results : Port 5442 is open and accepting connections.

So i know that the problem is not on my side but on either my ISP (SINGTEL) or on utorrent side.

But can anyone help me to solve my problem?




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