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Speed problem


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ok So i have Utorrent version 2.0 beta (build 16222)

I have a 6.5 Mb/s line, i can get this with the openoffice torrent, but all other torrents, highly seeded or not i seem to get much lower speeds, have run a few speed tests and they say i can only get around 4.0Mb/s

i used the openoffice torrent and consistently got a fair bit higher then that. i have the following settings under Preferences>bandwidth

Max upload - 55

Max Download Rate - 650

Max Number of connected peers per torrent - 120

Number of upload slots per torrent - 4

use additional upload slots if upload speed is less then 90% ticked

Windows Vista latest updates and service packs etc.

DHT - Disabled

My Thoughts:

The speed problems could be related with the Swarm or i could be choking my connections because of my Preferences> bandwidth.

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Have done that, i think i have more or less solved the problem though as the Xbox 360 newest update contains something which allows users to shut down the console more or less and continue downloading Demos and patches etc. Thanks for the help though (y)

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