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I Want To Seed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I uploaded a torrent file and left my computer on to allow others to download the file. However, I have moved the file (166MB) to another folder and started uTorrent. When I realized was too late. Even if I put the file back, the uTorrent wont start to seed again. It just says "downloading".

How can I make it to seed again?


Also I want to add a web resource (to backup the torrent) to it. When my computer is offline, the users will still be available to download the file from a seeding web site (really high speed).


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> If that doesn't work

That menu item is disabled.

> right-click, advanced, set download location

That menu item is disabled also. Why?

Is my torrent definitively lost? I hope I don't need to recreated. It just started to gather some users to support it.

(thanks for your quick answer)

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