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A few questions.


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First question:

I was looking trough my collection of trackers and saw something rather odd.

One status of a tracker stated.

"Warning: no woodpecking" <<lol

What does it mean?

Second question:

Some trackers are offline (timed out)

I feel the need of deleting them. But some of them still have some active seeds/peers.

Should i just get rid of the ones that have none seeds/peers?

And two other trackers stated in status "connection closed by peer"

one had zero seeders/peers the other one had a few.

Which one should i delete?

Third and last question

I am downloading a file of 63.3 GB, i have downloaded 17 GB so far.

I seem to have 71MB (18 hashfails) is that normal? <it seems to go up 1mb every 5-15 minutes or so.

How can i get the peer that is sending me the waisted/hash?

If you want a screenie i am happy to suply you with them.

In advance thank you for reading :D

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Did a tracker really have that status? XD trackers are allowed to send messages, so that's probably it.

If the tracker address isn't fake then leaving them in wont be too bad, they might come back. As time goes on they'll get checked at ever increasing intervals.

For the hash fails, see any peers being banned by you on the Logger tab?

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