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Extremely slow speeds


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both are slow.i've switched them on for abt 40minutes,never went past 10kB/s.and another thing is bothering me - i set max number of connected peers per torrent to 250 and global max to 500,yet the 2nd torrent has less than 100 connections when there are so many seeders/peers







i dont know whats wrong but the pictures seem very small,so i included the direct link to the image

would appreciated ur help.thx

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Well, maybe 512kilobit then :P. Either way, it's usually very small. Typically between 128-512 connections on most "routers" is enough to cause problems. Some routers provide a 'direct IP' mode which doesn't use NAT but simply shunts packets to a single computer, this is much better for P2P as then you're only limited by the OS as to how many connections you can make.

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Ahhh.. the NAT tables... fun

512kb would be enough to hold over 50000 table entries, though

well, I guess you just made that figure up...

on a cisco 837, possibly one of the best designed soho routers, each NAT table entry takes 160bytes of d-ram. so 512kb would handle 3,200 translation sessions.

Oh , the guy who reckons most routers handle 125 sessions is talking rubbish as well..

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