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ipv4/6 disable switch


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hi there,

i know this has been asked before but all the solutions i found werent the thing im looking for.

see i have 2 access-lines: one adsl2+ line and a 2mbit symmetrical line for work.

the adsl line handles all the "bulk" traffic over ipv4, the other line is for stuff that needs to be lag-free, most importantly my vpn connection to where i work.

while being in ipv4-only-land my routing table works just fine, directing all my utorrent-traffic over my adsl-gateway.

now we have a ipv6-enabled vpn, doing some coding and testing server/client/applications over ipv6.

so when my vpn client is up and running (which is like: most of the time) utorrent discovers i have ipv6 routing up and running and begins to happily connect to hosts this way: vpn->work->ipv6 broker->the internets.

needless to say i dont like my private traffic being (partially) routed through my employers servers.

so the only option for me atm is to close utorrent down while my vpn is running, which leaves my precious 12mbit adsl line bare most of the time. of course i could set up some sort of advanced personal firewall that blocks ipv6 for utorrent but what kind of dirty hack is that?

a simple "disable all ipv6 connection" check-box would do the job for me... for testing purposes it would also be nice to have the same box for ipv4 connections.

i know that my setup is unusual with a heavily altered routing table and 2 gateways but i think that dual-stacked machines (with ipv4/6 connectivity to the net) are likely to increase in the future, so there would be a lot more people who'd appreciate such an option. not counting those that have trouble disabling their teredo service under vista/7.

well, nevertheless its a nice way to bundle 2 access-lines, imagine the look on my face when i discovered utorrent is uploading with 300 KB/s (100 is max for my adsl line)...



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