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Speed problems


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Hello guys! I decided to ask all of you. I thought that this is a better idea than contacting my ISP. I am sure that you are more into torrenting than they are :)

So ... i have one problem --> when i seed several torrents, big torrents (50,60,80,GB) for a while with a very good speed (several MB/sec) my machine just stops working (start thinking, blinking ... you understood me ) and everything dies - browsing, seeding, everything contected with the torrents. I have to stop the torrents, then quit the uTorrent program and then after several seconds (30-60 sec.) everything starts again. I have a router (Linksys WRT 320N) but i am sure that the problem is not there, because without the router the situation is just the same. I am sure that the problem is not in the ISP too. So ... i use uTorrent 1.8.4. I use NOD32, version 4 - i made an exception there in the Web Browsers ... i put x for uTorrent program.

Any suggestions?

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