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slow download speeds


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I used to have BT broadband and I used utorrent to download movies. I used to get speeds of upto 700KB/s.

I transeferred to TalkTalk broadband and I been using utorrent, but ive only been gettin speeds on around 2.5KB/s??? I dont know why this is happening, ive set my download speed to 0, and still i left my laptop on all night and the speed was stilling going at around 3KB/s. I did a line and speed test and it came up as having a fast download speed. I dont know why Im having this problem, I even phoned Talk Talk and told them they said I had a good download speed. all my torrent files are going very slow, they all have hundred of seeds and peers and yet still I cant seem to get a good download speed?

Any help would be appreciated.


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TalkTalk SUCKS!:



The 1st post lists uTorrent settings that may help a little.

For an example of extreme "stealth" settings in uTorrent: (long-winded explanation of ISP throttling)


NOTE: Those settings probably won't really work for you, they were a special case for a wireless ISP!

...But I do a better job explaining what and why those settings are chosen.

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