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One solution for crashes...


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Just thought I'd pass this along as FYI in case it helps someone..

I don't use uTorrent a whole lot, so sometimes, changes might get made to the OS that I might cause effects that I might not notice for a while.

Such was the case when I was looking around in the NVIDIA Control Panel one day configuring dual monitors, and I turned on the 'First Packet' option. From what little bit of description that's there, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It's disabled by default, but Enable had 'recommended' by it, so I turned it on and chose my connection speed. Also, looking at the folder list it was set to prioritize, there were only 4 folders there and they were all for Microsoft Games programs, so I guess I figured it wouldn't make any difference anyway since I never played any of those games.

Was I wrong! Several days later, I ran across a torrent I wanted, and fired up uTorrent (1.8.3). It would crash almost immediately - couldn't get to any settings to change anything or anything. Up to this point, I had never had a bit of trouble from any version of uTorrent I've ever used. I tried several things including uninstalling/re-installing uTorrent, upgrading to 1.8.4, ran Malware Anti-MalwareBytes as well as Spybot (found 1, yes just 1 tracking cookie), nothing made any difference.

So, I noticed one time that the error window said something about an NVIDIA .dll that it recommended closing or uninstalling. Of course, it doesn't tell you what program HAS that .dll so you know what to go close/uninstall. But, I'd been reading on here about the NVIDIA firewall having problems, and while this 'First Packet' thing is not the firewall, maybe it was still the source of the trouble. I went back to the NVIDIA Control Panel and disabled it, applied and ok'ed. Opened uTorrent, and Voila! Problem solved. Been running for an hour now no crashes!

Mine is the EVGA nForce 780i SLI motherboard, but any board with the NVIDIA Control Panel software might have this First Packet thing, so if you have that control panel, check to make sure that First Packet is disabled if you're having uTorrent crashes.

I don't know what First Packet is or does, but I can tell you uTorrent does NOT like it!

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