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Help a n00b out!

Orange Whip

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Just changed my ISP and d/l and installed Windows XP SP3.

uTorrent loads like normal, but not sharing, so I d/l version 1.8.4. Still not sharing,

Getting the orange tringle, but Port Checker says "Port 44083 is open and accepting connections."

I assumed it had to do with the Windows Firewall, so I turned it off but still no results (uTorrent is listed and checked in the exceptions).

What do I try now?


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You might get better results doing this:


For an example of more extreme "stealth" settings in uTorrent: (long-winded explanation of ISP throttling)


NOTE: Those settings probably won't really work for you, they were a special case for a wireless ISP!

...But I do a better job explaining what and why those settings are chosen.

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