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I'm sure this has been touched on quite a few occasions in the past.. however I've yet to come across a suitable answer even after digging through various forums, FAQs, random posts, guides, calculators etc etc.

At present, I have a 2mbit upload (capped manually at 1200kbit/150KB to allow for various other network data) and have been trying to ascertain the optimal upload slots per torrent when utilizing but 1 active torrent.

My current understanding is that this effects the amount of simultaneous peers that you upload too, and as BT being reciprocal the higher the transfer rate the more likely clients are to reciprocate?

So, it comes down to what is the optimal transfer rate per connected peer for 1 active torrent in order to achieve the highest reciprocation for my upload speed in order to maximize download speed?

Thanks in advance.

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EACH upload slot needs at least 3 KB/sec to function well at all...but other peers are unlikely to return more than 10 KB/sec on average.

So that'd mean about 15-50 total upload slots.

Those could all be for a single running torrent, or upload slots per torrent could be reduced and spread between multiple torrents.

Seeding Torrent Max connections limit probably should also be set very low:


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