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uTP problem with 1.8.3 on Wine


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my Seedbox has had some issues with all torrents just slowing down to a snails pace - then reamping back up

I have found that if I add any client that is displayed in the peers list as [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (uTP)] to IPFilters.dat and reload filter then this issue dissapears.

I assume that this means that the clients that I am banning that show up with this (uTP) appended to their IP are clients connecting using only uTP

Does anyone know why this would occur and if there is a workaround or maybe a way to stop my uTorrent accepting these connections?

thanks in advance for any suggestions

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If you don't want to accept uTP connections from peers using uT, just configure your client to refuse uTP incoming connections instead of blocking these peers with ipfilter.dat.

From the manual:

bt.transp_disposition: This option controls µTorrent's level of bias towards using TCP or uTP for transporting data (assuming the peer at the other end of the connection supports both transport protocols). The following is a list of the accepted values:

1 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing TCP connections

2 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing uTP connections

4 allows µTorrent to accept incoming TCP connections

8 allows µTorrent to accept incoming uTP connections

16 tells µTorrent to use the new uTP header. This is an improved communication header, but is not backwards compatible with clients that do not understand it.

This option is interpreted as a bitfield, so values can be added together to obtain a combination of behaviors. Setting this value to 255 guarantees that all behaviors are enabled.

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