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uTorrent jacks up DLNA servers


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For some reason, when uTorrent is running it interferes with any DLNA servers running on my machine. This happens even if uTorrent is stopped or schedule-stopped. My DLNA clients (A Xbox 360 and a PS3) both exhibit the same symptoms with both servers (Windows 7 Media Sharing, Nero MediaHome). All symptoms appear unpredictably and randomly - I can't correlate any symptoms with any combination of machine, software or firewall settings. These symptoms only appear when uTorrent is running and with either media server running - running one or both media servers on the same machine simultaneously doesn't seem to affect the symptoms occurring when uTorrent is running. When uTorrent is not running, both seem to coexist just fine. The servers are not set to transcode content, either.

Has anyone heard of this problem or have any ideas on what uTorrent settings I can change to improve the situation?

Symptoms include:

- Clients cannot get directory listings

- Clients get incomplete directory listings (listing appears to stop downloading)

- Clients cannot see the DLNA server at all

- Clients appear to continually connect and disconnect from server

- Streams stop and start during playback

What I've tried:

- Changing ports for both uTorrent and DLNA servers in firewall

- Turning on and off UPnP settings on uTorrent and router

- Updating router firmware

- Running one or the other server independently

- Also tried TVersity

Some info about my machine:

3 Ghz Pentium D


GeForce 8800 GT

Several hard drives (totaling about 4 TB)

Network: Clients and Computer are Wired together with a DLink DGL-4500 (latest firmware)

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