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Downloading same torrent on different OS same computer


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Hello community, I have a question wich I tried to find an answer and failed to do so.

The situation is the following, as many of you I guess, I use on my desktop several OS, I want to use utorrent on all of them and to be able to resume an unfinished torrent on any OS. What i have tried is to configure all clients to save the .torrent files in one folder, to automatically pick them up from this very same folder (wich has failed), if i open the manually the files are checked and download goes on, wich is 90% of what i want, but still if a download is already loaded onto a cllient it wont pick up from where the other client left off. and worse if the download is complete it will try to redownload it,

I am still trying diferent solutions wich i came up with, like using only one client or at least using only one clients files (other than the binaries for obvius reasons)

so while i am trying if any one of you nice people have any ideas, or theres a solution out there wich i cant find, Ill be listening here.

thanks and bye

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