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Seed Ratio Question (seams to high?)


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I have done a lot of search on the forums, but didn't come up with an answer. I understand that uTorrent is looking into seeding beyond what you tell it to, understand that is NOT my question. My question is this:

On the bottom of my uTorrent, my ratio is 20.2 But when i go look at all of my torrents, none of them are seeded above 2.4 I've added all the seeding ratios up and still get a number far lower. So what does this number mean? I only have 6 torrents that i'm uploading, with a seed rate set to 3. I'm fine with seeding a lot, i like to do at least 3:1, but just for my understanding, can someone explain.

Version 0.9.2 (16542) for Mac

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