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Combine Seeding or Downloading


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First look at the image.


1. It is how now realized in the program.

2. Some seeding or downloading I want to combine. for decreasing in number of used space in the program. The combined seeding or downloading must be chosed the human.

For realising it needed a new variabe that keeping a seeding of downloading.

The peers and seeds must be summared automatically.

If we clicked to + it must curl (the combined seeding or downloading is the place nearly and must have - image to easily combened)

3. How it will look in the program for example.

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Each torrent is treated as relatively equal in uTorrent -- even LOW priority may only reduce them a little.

What you're asking for is closer to user-selected per-Label visually combining and sorting rather than combining download/upload speeds for purposes of treating them all as 1 torrent.

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