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uTorrent not working well


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I upgraded to Windows 7 and using uTorrent 1.8.2 and it's acting wierd!!

it takes 15 minutes to get some speed at all (upload as well),

I used to upload on 48Kbs all the time and now it's uploading at 10Kbs...

I started to download something at 300Kbs and uploaded at the same time about 40Kbs and now I'm uploading at 10Kbs and it refuses to connect some seeds to download altough there is 10+ seeders...

look at my speed test:


everything is fine.. my ports are open, I don't get it...

Maybe this version isn't compatible with windows 7?

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Your ISP is prone to hostile behavior towards BitTorrent traffic:


You might get better results doing this:


or this:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP, so understand them before you try them!)

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