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Incorrect Network Status Light??


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Long time reader, first time poster. Interesting situation with uTorrent 1.8.4 that has confused me, even after reading all the FAQs, guides, forums etc...

Having had a lot of trouble opening and forwarding a port, changed the port and it seemed to work. Downloaded Openoffice torrent to test, and topped out at about 1.1M/s DL. Pretty darn good actually.

My query is that throughout the DL, the network status icon was RED, and uTorrent port checker was reporting a blocked port. I was DL 3 large torrents at the same time, although no-where near as fast, and seeding another 12 smaller torrents.

The tooltip suggested a firewall was blocking it (comodo firewall v3 with a combination of rules from here and comodo forum, so I don't think so) but this doesn't make sense to me.

Is this something to look into further, or have I just not understood what the status icon is for?

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ok, thanks for the ideas (for info, the tooltip said router or firewall blocking incoming connections, port forward definitely working, and reworking comodo rules for hours didn't solve it).

Now solved it the hard way by reinstalling utorrent, comodo, new rules and antivirus.

uTorrent port checker works, good speeds etc, so think it was a glitch in the 1.8.3 utorrent I had installed, or perhaps the old port of 14010 had a problem. Using a new port now.

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