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Increase upload vs download ratio

gaby de wilde

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It seems when I limit my download speed the upload speed also goes down. I was just downloading a video with 80 leaches and 3 seeds. For as far as I can see there wasn't any problem connecting to the seeds but I cant get my upload to even match the download ratio. The seeds are in Russia the leaches are not very far from where I live.

How do I set the upload to unlimited?

I have a lot of slots open and ports etc I'm now on 22 down and 6 kb up. lol I have 1 leech who seems to consume all of the limited upload bandwith. I've uploaded 100 mb to him and only receaved 25 mb back. The other 10 leaches seem to get nothing from me in return while I got 10 to 40 mb from them. Their upload to me seems to decrease appropriately.

With other torrents I could decrease the download speed without affecting the upload at all. It would go faster actually.

Is this a problem with this specific file?

I just want to help share the video, I don't really need to watch it again.


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You could try putting uTorrent briefly into seed-only mode (using Scheduler) to see if upload speed stablizes.

Once you determine about the highest upload speed possible, back off about 1-5 KB/sec and try that upload speed max limit...then turn off seed-only mode.

Have you tried the 1st and 2nd links in my signature?

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