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Settings for a 6Mb/s | /300Kb/s cable connection


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I have a cable connection with 6 Mb/s download speed and 300 Kb/s upload speed.

My download speed it's usually good, but may be I can improve it.

I'm interested in learn the optimum values for this parameters:

1. Global Maximum number of connections (right now 250) -> May be 90?

2. Maximum number of connected peers per torrent (right now 90) -> may be 35?

3. Number of upload slots per torrent (right now 4)

4. Maximum number of active torrents (right now 3)

5. Maximum number of active downloads (right now 2)

For example, I'm really interested in knowing if having 3 maximum active downloads would worsen or improven my global download speed.

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Probably improve it, IF the torrents you're on are really slow AND you're not being slowed by throttling or bad networking (software or hardware).

I am assuming max active torrents remains 3.

Try disabling Resolve IPs (right-click in Peers window of a torrent) and lower bt.connect_speed to 4.

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