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HELP!!! Very Bizarre Problem with downloading


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Hey Guy/Gals

I'm having a serious problem with BitTorrent. I started using BitTorrent about a year ago and had no problems at all. The download rate was fine. However, about three or four months ago I started using it again ( I hadn't used it in a couple months) and the rate was really low. I thought it was just a short term problem, but since then the maximum download rate I've gotten is 1kb/s but it normally stays around .5kb/s. I've tried a bunch of things; I ran the test to see if my ISP was throttling my traffic and it said it wasn't. The icon on the bottom is usually yellow but sometimes it's red or green. The change seems to make no difference in my download speed. I tried to manually open a port by searching for my ISP in the command prompt area of vista, but when I try to enter my IPS into the http area of Internet explorer it just says the web address you entered could not be found. I've tried excusing BitTorrent from windows firewall, turning windows firewall totally off and running BitTorrent as an administrator and nothing seems to make it run any faster.

Other extraneous details that might help:

-I use Windows Vista

-I live in an apartment complex that has a WEP wireless network, however when I use the network at my college campus, it doesn't change anything.

Sorry if this is a bit long-winded and exasperated, but I am literally going crazy trying to figure this out.

Thank's in advance

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Well, whether you're in an apartment complex or a college campus, you have no way to forward your port. That automatically cripples you in which peers you can connect to. Either way...


Try a torrent from here... how does it run? What is your connection's maximum upload rate, and what does the Speed Guide show your current settings to be?

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