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How to boost upload speed and make it stable?


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Im running on a seedbox with 1 gbit connection speed and currently Im seeding 10 healthy torrents with a big portion of peers in swarm.

UPNP and NAT port mapping ticked, and exception had been added in firewall and router. The private tracker sites says its 'connectable'

Global max number capped at 20mb/s. Global Max No of connection set at 1000. Max number of connected peers per torrent sets to 100. No of upload slots per torrent at 50.

DHT, local peer discovery and peer exchange had been disabled as I want boost ratios for private trackers.

The downloading speed is decent and stable, usually around 20mb/s. However, the upload speed is quite unstable, keeping at 6 or 7 mb/s for 2 min then tumbling to 20k/s for 10 min, and back and forth.(Im seeding 10 torrents now)

So i lower net max half open from 75 to default 8, and keep bt. connect speed at 20 unchanged. Besides, setting bt. transp. diposition at 15 instead of 13. And now the uploading speed is more stable. But when start downloading, the upload speed became unstable again.

Here Im just wondering what is the most agressive settings for uploading and how to make it as stable as it could be.

Im using ut 1.84.

Having read FAQ and speed guide and cannot find the solution. Tks for helping!

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Your hard drives may be experiencing disk overload even if not shown at bottom left.

Use a larger ram cache that doesn't constantly reduce itself in size.

Lower bt.connect_speed to 4-10.

You may only have ~100 megabit/sec UPLOAD bandwidth.

So set upload speed max to only 10000 KB/sec (~10 MB/sec).

You may have slow hard drive/s rate-limiting you to around there anyway even if the line is faster.

Re-enable Peer Exchange -- it won't have ANY effect on private torrents but can keep really weak public torrent swarms "knit" together. It doesn't make more connections -- it sends its data via existing peer and seed connections. You're not maxing upload out anyway...

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent).

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