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uTorrent keeps re-installing automatically


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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from XP. (Edit: If it makes a difference x64)

I'm not sure when, but at some point, I must have checked 'Upgrade to Beta Version' checkbox.

I received a notification that there was an upgrade and upgraded to a Beta release.

Unfortunately, I was trying to download some torrents from a tracker that this release was not yet on the whitelist and subsequently, my client was banned.

No big deal.

I uninstalled the beta release and re-installed the latest stable release: 1.8.5

Here's the problem:

Every morning since, I come upon the uTorrent installation wizard as if I had just re-installed and needing my to click through to confirm installation. Of course during the gap between me noticing it and it happening, uTorrent is not running. To further make the situation worse, when I click OK, nothing happens and uTorrent is not installed successfully. In order to install properly, I need to completely uninstall, and then do a fresh re-install.

Obviously, I don't want to have to reinstall uTorrent every day and not have it running when I want. Since I have already uninstalled many times, and done a fresh install, that is not the solution. I checked to make sure the installation .exe did not somehow end up it the start-up folder in Windows, and it did not.

What could be causing this maddening situation?

Thanks for the help.

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[2009-11-05 09:02:30] The file 'C:\Users\TMWSIY hp\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\settings.dat' was damaged/missing. It has been recovered.

and there is a settings.dat and a settings.dat.old file in the AppData > Roaming >uTorrent folder.

I jumped right from XP to 7, bypassing Vista, so I am not sure the typical installation locations of programs yet. Everything was moved by default when I upgraded.

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1. Exit µTorrent, wait until the process exits completely (see Task Manager -- Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

2. Back up the settings.dat and settings.dat.old files, then delete them

3. Create a new ("text") file in that folder, and name it settings.dat (make sure it's not settings.dat.txt)

4. Start µTorrent

Does the problem persist then?

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Thank you Ultima, I will do that today and see what happens. The re-install starts randomly, usually overnight, but has happened in middle of day. Again, I don't know what or how this is being triggered, so it'll be 24-48 hours until I know if this fixed the problems.

Will uTorrent know where all my torrent files are after I delete the settings.dat file or will I need to re-import all of them?

thanks again for the help.

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that didn't help.

I noticed this in the logger this morning (after yet another crash/ re-install)

[2009-11-09 08:00:38] File not found during integrity check: C

[2009-11-09 08:00:38] File not found during integrity check: C

[2009-11-09 08:00:49] IPv6 is installed

[2009-11-09 08:00:49] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:4137:9e50:207a:39d4:b597:8c92

[2009-11-09 08:01:25] File not found during integrity check: C

[2009-11-09 08:01:25] File not found during integrity check: C

[2009-11-09 08:01:49] File not found during integrity check: C

Also, I have a shortcut on my taskbar, when uTorrent is running, there are actually two icons.

Is that typical?


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thanks Switeck- you are exactly right about that. A re-boot solved.

I am going to read the links in your signature.

Still having the re-installation issue.

Had the same problem, but someone answered it for me here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=620314

Apparently, you just need to delete your settings.dat and it's backup. Worked great for me.

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