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speed 2.5 times lower with windows 7 vs. Vista/Xp before


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here is the problem: I had Xp and Vista on 2 different laptops and download speeds were limited on both by the provider number = 6 Mbit/sec (I always routinely had 760KB/sec download in torrent and some 600KB from e.g. microsoft or adobe websites).

speedtest.net showed under VIsta and XP - 5.81Mbit download and 2.18 Mbit upload

changed Vista to Windows 7 ultimate. installed torrent 1.8.4.

got the torrent with many seed and no peers. On the XP laptop the download speed is maximum = 6 Mbit/sec.

Check the same torrent on Windows 7 (nothing else is using the internet): download is limited to 2.4 Mbit and I am sure that the bandwidth is not completely busy - I can start internet TV with 800 Kbit stream and it is smooth (in torrent speed keeps the same 2.4 Mbit).

speedtest.net under Windows 7 barely gets 1 Mbit/sec download: WTF?

on the nearby laptop with XP with the same test server: 5 Mbit/sec average in multiple tests.

started thinking this is due to the Windows 7 - not utorrent settings.

but nevertheless read many postings here: disabled/enabled teredo - no effect.

changed disposition option from 13 (default) to 5, 15, 10...same 2.4 Mbit or even less (when 10).

changed encryption: enable/disable/forced - no effect.

checked Enable/disable UpnP and NAT-PMP options - no effect

my options:

glob max # of connections: 250

max per torrent: 80

upload slots per torrent:10

Enable DHT and peer exchange.

allow incoming legacy connections: checked

All other setting are by default as installed.

What should I do to get my good old 6 Mbit with Windows 7?

Once again - Xp nearby works properly.



I think I found the solution. Indeed, that was Windows and wireless card advanced setting!

If anyone has problems with Windows 7 - here are the settings (at least for intel 5100 agn card):

Check and adjust the following settings: (

802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4ghz - Set to 20mhz.

802.11n Channel Width for band 5.2ghz - Set to Auto or disabled (if disabled is a setting) The 5.2 setting is for Dual-Band capable Routers, which of course the 300N isn't.

802.11n Mode - Set to "Enabled"

Ad Hoc Channel 802.11 b/g - 11

Ad Hoc Default Wireless Mode - I've not seen these settings, but it should be set to N or Mixed, N preferably.

AH Power Management - User choice (Mine is Disabled)

AH Quality of Service (QoS) - WMM Enabled if using QoS on the Router, Disabled if not (you should be using QoS)

Fat Channel - User choice (mine is Enabled)

Roaming Aggressiveness - Highest

Throughput Enhancement - Enabled

Transmit Power - Highest

Speed jumped back on my Windows 7 to the nominal provider value and speedtest.net shows 4Mbit with toorent on downloading 1.5 Mbit/sec

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