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Speed Maxing out at 250 kB/s


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I have a great laptop: Asus G51VX RX05. I used to have a Comcast 6 mb connection, and it ran well. I recently downgraded to WOW cable and internet with a 2 mb connection (because Comcast has horrible customer service and prices). Anyways with my new ISP, my utorrent speeds cap at 250 kB/s, no matter if I have a million seeders. If you look at my speed graph, the speed shoots up and up until it hits the 250 kB/s range, then it just goes in a squigly line from there. If I'm downloading more than one thing at a time, they share the 250, so for example one will download at 200 range while the other downloads at the 50 range. But no matter what, my speed never goes above the 250 range. It seems quite suspicious to me. Do you think my ISP is throttling the speeds? I changed to optimal settings and port forwarded to port 45682 to see if it would change it but it stayed exactly the same, stuck at 250 kB/s. Any ideas of whats wrong? Thanks in advance!

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