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I am using u-torrent since a long many days and it was working fine. I am behind a proxy server using cyberoam. Day by day the Cyberoam is making my life hell.

Recently the ISP has changed some settings in the Cyberoam (Perhaps the FTP is blocked). Although the tracker is able to return seeders and peers, but download does not start. Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.


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I apologize for delay in posting. I tried my luck with e-border but could not succed. By the way I understand that my proxy is blocking the torrent traffic but the FTP is still active. I have downloaded the latest u-Torrent-1.5 that has PHE. I am unable to connect peers with encryption enabled/forced even with a good torrent. Is it still possible that I can work with u-torrent, please advise me with some good settings.

Thank you in advance.

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