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Irregular speeds


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I seem unable to keep speeds at reasonable levels, varying between 6kb/s, and 1Mb/s, pretty much all the time, but not to a recognisable pattern, and favouring the lower end of this speed spectrum.

Having followed the guides, and forwarded my ports correctly, I set my speed guide connection type to xx/384 (my tests averaged 390 when I did my speed testing and settings have not been changed from the xx/384 default settings) Network is ok and have no NAT problems.

Am using Netgear WGR614v9 and am currently on Virgin Broadband, and The most up to date uTorrent running on Vista Ultimate.

Any ideas?

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How weird. I'm experiencing the VERY same problem. Same router, OS and everything XD.

I know for a fact that I have the ports set up propperly and all that shiz.

Was downloading Flashforward, with 27 (6926) seeds and 53 (29824) peers. With a download speed of........ 11.3kb/s >.<

Finally gave up after 10 minutes and realised why I stopped using torrents and went and downloaded it in 5 minutes with Rapidshare.

Wonder if this is a VM problem.

* Edit *

Oooh, just made it work and get 350kb/s O.o.

Options --> Speed guide --> Connection type xx/512k

Try that :)

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Virgin Media may be to blame for bad BitTorrent speeds:


...but try 1st (slow speed section) and 2nd links in my signature as well just to be sure.

Encryption-wise, you might get better results doing this:


or this:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP, so understand them before you try them!)

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