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Torrent won't redownload?


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Hey guys, I've been downloading a torrent for the past two days. My internet has been flaky and turning on/off a lot because of other issues, but when my torrent got nearly done my internet went out for a long time. It just came back and when I try to restart my torrent (I put it on stop earlier cause of fluctuating internet problems) under status it just says "downloading" and nothing else. It usually goes quickly from "downloading" to actually downloading at some kB/s. How can I get it to move past just saying "downloading" forever? Thanks!

Well I realized I'm foolish. The "downloading" thing under status never goes away completely. The problem was it would say "downloading" but it would show 0 peers and 0 seeds and download and upload speed would be blank. A restart of the computer seemed to fix the problem though.

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