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utorrent deleted my entire Downloads folder


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So... I was checking my inactive downloads and noticed a torrent file there that I hadn't added. I right-clicked on it and selected "delete all files."

uTorrent then deleted my entire Downloads folder, including active uTorrent downloads, completed uTorrent downloads, files that I've downloaded via firefox, from my email, EVERYTHING. None of these deleted files went to the Trash, they were all just deleted.

Any ideas on why this might have occured? Or how I could get those files back? I keep my downloads in that folder for some time in case I need to access them again, so this is a serious inconvenience for me.


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Did you happen to find a solution to this at all? The same thing just happened to me and I'm currently looking to recover my data. It seems this is a known bug for Mac users operating Google Chrome. Please lemme know if you found a way to recover the missing files, thanks!

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