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Unable to run Multiple instances with 2.0 client


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I'm experiencing some problems when I try to run multiple instances of the client exploiting the /RECOVER option from command line.

In particular, everything works fine with the version 1.8 when I execute:

C:\dir_1.8\uTorrent_1.8.exe /RECOVER /NOINSTALL /DIRECTORY 'C:\Data_1.8' 'C:\my.torrent'

while when I run the same command with a 2.0 client (build 17188, different listening port):

C:\dir_2.0\uTorrent_2.0.exe /RECOVER /NOINSTALL /DIRECTORY 'C:\Data_2.0' 'C:\my.torrent'

it shows this alert "Unable to load "/RECOVER": File not found!" and it does not load the torrent nor start the transfer.

(Note that I have tried to change the position of the /RECOVER option but without success.)

Any ideas about I can accomplish that?

Thanks in advance.

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