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Port Forwarding Error


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I am stumped on what to try now.

Running Vista through a Linksys router.

Set up static IP address.

DHCP server allocated -

Default Gateway is

Turned off Windows Firewall

Using port 13857.

Still get the message from Portchecker that the port is not open.

Any suggestions from here?

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Hey GemStone;

I have no help other than sympathy. I have the same problem. I have had my selected port open for sometime and suddenly it closes. I use the same instructions in exactly the same sequence every time. I can forward a port in my sleep as per Port Forward.com's instructions. They have worked in the past but now they don't. I can only think it is something with the ISP.

P.s. notice there are many views to yours and my plight but no help -- go figure.


This is what I just did: I deleted all the previous entries in my router - all the different names and assignments I had tried in the past.

I went into Utorrent and hit random port and enterd that port number in my router and went through the steps in Port Forwarding.com -- and it worked. Good luck (:

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I've got the same problem. If what you did was remove all the port forwarding info from the linksys router, generate a new port address and plug that info back into the router, I did that - and the port checker still shows an error ! Don't know what I could've done wrong ??? :-(

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Thanks all. Yes, my local IP address is outside of DHCP range with a static IP address. That way, I know there is no conflict with DHCP assigning my IP address to another device on the network.

I will try deleting all entries from the router and adding just one port.


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I don't know if this has anything to do with yours or my problem, but I also unchecked all the boxes in Preferences>BitTorrent: the only box checked is "ask tracker for scrape information and Protocol Encryption is "enabled" .

I am getting 150 - 200Kb downloads and 40Kb upload speeds from Elbitz and Anonamouse private trackers. I also get the same speeds from public trackers.

I hope this helps.

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