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RSS feeds not downloading, automatically or manually


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I am using v1.8.5, and I have noticed that RSS feeds are not downloading, I think it has been this way for a few weeks and I only just realised that shows were not being downloaded in RSS Downloader.

When I start uTorrent, the feed icons change colour from red to animated orange, showing that something is happening, but then the icons change back to red, and no torrents appear in the window. The same thing happens if I select 'update feeds' myself.

The firewall and router are both set up correctly, port forwarding etc, and once torrents are added to the queue manually they download correctly.

These are the feeds I have installed:





Having read what others wrote about downgrading solving the problem, I tried downgrading to 1.8.4, and upgrading to 2.0 beta, but all with no success.

Please can someone help? Am i missing something obvious here?

Many thanks.

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The logging feature is something I didn't know about before, thanks for pointing that out to me.

But still, there's nothing showing up in the Logger tab.


I went to Error Logging > Log RSS Errors and checked this option.

Now when I select Update Feed, I get the following message:

[2009-11-20 00:02:15] RSS: Unable to download "EZ TV|http://ezrss.it/feed/": Proxy connect error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

This is the case for all RSS feeds I've been trying to access.

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Yes, for some reason unknown to me there were HTTP proxy settings set up. Now that I disabled that, the RSS feeds work fine.

(I just realised that I had been trying out GreedyTorrent a few months ago, but forgot to remove proxy settings after I uninstalled it shortly afterward... d'oh!)

MANY THANKS for helping me with this problem, I really appreciate it!

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