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extremely inconsistant...nothing is working


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hey. i'm using using u torrent and getting REALLY inconsistant speeds. I spent hours trying to improve my speed from 5-20kb/s which I managed pretty successfully, but now it's anywhere between 45kB/s too 150kB/s, literally every single time I check the download speed it's changed from say 60kb/s too 80 kb/s then to 100kb/s then back down to 90 then 70 then 60, then for a second hits 170kB/s etc, it never stays even between 60-80 or 80-100. My ''download'' graph literally is UP then DOWN then UP then DOWN and seems to hit a peak every 5 seconds. Just went from 200kB/s too 80kb/s in about 5 seconds as I typed that.

I'm on a bt voyager 2110 wireless router, using vista, with ports forwarded correctly too my knowledge, i've followed the speed guides religiously and all the tutorials on here which have helped, i've got a static i.p, no firewall on (just to test, i've set it up correctly anyway) , set my upload to 80%, turned of Upnp and NAT port mapping, haven't used any random youtube ''speed up your torrent guides'', only added net.bind. ip as my laptops static i.p address, turned off i.p filtering in my router settings and still doesn't 'level' out the speed, disabled vistas TCP autotuning also..

but on the computer wired straight to the router in another room it's consistant, fast with NO settings changed, not even port forwarding, and it's XP. I have a feeling it's a vista/wireless problem somehow, everytime i've torrented on XP i've got FAST speeds (on my old ISP before I moved i'd regularly get speeds above 400kb/s). I know it's capable of quick consistant speeds because another computer on the network achieves them with no settings changed..so it's not ISP limiting bandwidth..

any ideas?

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